SENIOR ROAST 2019-2020

June 13, 2020

1830-2100 hours

Please celebrate our graduating chief residents:

Dr. Cyrus Bowers, DO, MAJ

Dr. Lindsey Choi, DO, CPT

Dr. Eric Chung, MD, CPT

Dr. Daisy Conduah, MD, MAJ

Dr. Ryan Phillips, DO, CPT

Dr. Collin Sitler, DO, CPT

Welcome to the Drive-In Roast!

Thank you for supporting our outgoing Chiefs in the time of coronavirus.

All proceeds from the roast are helping to assist struggling local businesses in an unfortunate economic time in our country.

Order of events:

1830 – Welcome and Introduction- Dr. Amanda Haney, DO

1835 – Department Chief welcome- Dr. Alan Gehrich, MD

1845 – Program Director awards- Dr. Gary Levy, MD

1910 – Midwife voted awards- LTC Lana Bernat, CNM, DNP

1915- Resident Roast Awards- Drs. Sarah Ligon, MD and Amanda Haney, DO

1930 – Resident voted Midwife Award- Dr. Shan’Terika Remo, DO

1935 – Nursing resident awards – Allison Myers, RN

1940 – 2000 Social Distancing

2000 – Chief Resident Speeches

2020 – Roast Video- Dr. Amanda Haney, DO

*Special thanks to Kevin Carson, without whom this roast would not be possible*