5/20 – Hawaii’s 1st Covid Era Drive In Movie!

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Use Safety At ALL TIMES. Contactless Ordering & Window Drop: Orders will be left on a cart on the driver’s side window only. We will come back to pickup the cart when you have removed items. Be sure to include a stall number on your order…. There is a chance to do it at multiple points during the checkout process… As long as you do it once, you’re golden!

Window Service Snacks

  • Large Popcorn (Carousel Candyland)
  • Lihing Gummy Bears
  • M&M's (plain)
  • Lihing Lemon peel Gummy Bears
  • Tamoe Brand Arare

Enjoy! Thank you for joining us at Hawaii’s 1st Covid Era Drive-in theater. Pali Cinemas. LOL